The 8 Week Conscious Leader’s Bootcamp

This is an immersive, 8-week online course for ambitious business owners, executives, managers and corporate women. Connect to your purpose, your spirituality, and with other liked-minded leading women

What this Bootcamp Offers:

module 1

Creating a Winner’s Mindset

You will work through recognising your current mindset and what about it is holding you back. We will explore building better mindset you can directly benefit from.

module 2

Releasing Emotional Baggage & Clearing Energy Leaks

By releasing our emotional baggage, we stop holding onto stress and anxiety. We create more ease and flow in our mind, body and spirit.

module 3

Grounding & Core Practices

Grounding and core practices give the foundation for lasting practices.We will explore these techniques to ground our energy and expand our understanding.

module 4

Self Love

Self love is the first step in taking our power back. We will take time to elevate our vibration at a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

module 5

Working With Chakras

Chakras are the energy portals that connect us to subtle energy bodies. Blocks are first manifested in our energetic field before they manifest in our physical reality. We will work together to understand the chakras and work toward balancing them.

module 6

Work With High Vibrational Tools

We will work with a variety of tools to raise your vibration. This includes crystals, crystal grids, flower essences, essential oils, pyramids, orgone energy, sacred geometry, mudras, and more.

module 7

Connect With Your Authentic Self

This stage will connect you with who you truly are and what you want. We will strip away the doubts and fears, using the tools you have learnt in earlier modules to discover your authenticity.

module 8

Create Your Success Routine

At this point, you will bring together all the tools and techniques that have worked for you. You will create a routine you can use on a daily basis

module 9

Community Connections

You will have total access to a facebook page that will connect you to Pari and to the other Bootcamp members for encouragement, help and support.

I remember a time when I repressed who I was (for years!) because it felt easier than explaining myself.
People would make fun of me for being sprititual, being serious about the practice of meditation so little by little, I ended up hiding who I was.
Until I reached a point in my life when I was in pain, both physical and mental. I had been living a life full of fears. I was in an extremely stressful corporate job, I was having regular migraines and shoulder pain that nothing seemed to fix. I was people pleasing and completely disconnected from own authentic self.
I started working on my internal programming/releasing blocks and working with powerful spiritual tools. I started researching every tool that would help me. I got deep into crystal work, programming mindset, and the law of attraction. I began to release toxic habits, things, and people from my life.
I want to help women who are in the same place I was, who are struggling in a corporate, high-powered environment and still feel like they have to hide who they are. Women who are spiritually curious, who want to find a practice for themselves or who simply just want to connect with some like-minded peers in a space free of judgement.
Take it from me: when you take the steps to discover who your authentic self truly is, it can be life-changing.

You might be feeling stuck, lonely, spritually repressed, or just curious about developing a spiritual practice. This bootcamp could be the injection of energy to realign, refocus or discover a new mindset that can change your life.Enquire today to learn more about the bootcamp and begin your journey in awakening your consciousness!