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Reprogram Your DNA

The Reprogram your DNA Package includes four sessions and it works by getting clear on your goals. Identify barriers, blocks and beliefs which hold you back and release them. We will together create a practical and actionable path to your success and empower you with right spiritual tool.

90 Day Ignite Your Cosmic Abundance NOW Signature Program

Calling all Spiritual Women who are go-getters, change-setters, game-changers, badasses and more: If you see yourself struggling to MANIFEST ANYTHING in your life and overwhelmed with all the spiritual tools out there, we ABSOLUTELY need to work together!

Are you ready to live life the way you have always wanted to and get rid of all of the negative resistance that stands in the way of your success? Welcome to the “Ignite your Cosmic Abundace NOW” where we’ll work together to pull out all of your negative beliefs, habits and subconscious/emotional blocks that are creating resistance in your life that is stopping you for the transformation you deserve! Feel empowered, take back control using proven tools and techniques and find your true authentic self that has been kept inside box for all of these years.

Join the High Vibe Tribe

A private facebook group where you can connect, learn from and share with others seeking to become Conscious Creators.


What People Are Saying

“If you’re in a life that isn’t fulfilling you, is leaving you feeling stuck, overwhelmed or maybe even burnt out, then you need to talk with Cosmic Moon. She completely understands that as she went through it and she took the leap, leaving her unfulfilling life behind to step into the life of her dreams. She is inspiring and gets things in a way that will really have you seeing your life very differently and to find the courage to step into the life you desire. Live your dream life, Cosmic Moon can help you make the leap. Ask her about the leap she made.” Lynda Gera, CA

“Cosmic Moon is such an inspiration. Her approach lets you know you are not alone, especially in how you feel and what stops you from leaving a career that isn’t fulfilling you. She helps you to understand that others are interested in what you do and how you do it and that by not sharing your gifts you are stopping others from stepping into their dream. You will discover you can take the leap and know you will be fine. You will become excited to share your gift with the world. It’s time to take the leap.”
Anissa Aumont, Canada

“Pari is absolutely amazing! Her energy is filled with so much love and understanding. Working with her helped me find some clarity on my blocks and how to overcome them through amazing spiritual and holistic modalities. She truly made my transformations to overcome anxiety and overwhelm feel so easy. Your future self will love you for working with her. You will love every minute of it!” Courtney Chapman, TX USA

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How I created more time for myself as an ambitious, goal-driven woman If you’re anything like me, you wish there were 30 hours in a day.How is there time to get everything done in just 24?!Just a short while ago, I was perpetually stressed. My to-do list never had all...

Woman, it’s New Moon! Time to plant the seeds for manifesting

Yep, it's New Moon. Did you know that now is the best time to… ...set intentions ...release past baggage …invite in new possibilities? Well, now you do. Even in the past when I wasn’t conscious about New Moon, I always found myself doing this ritual I’m about to share...

‘Gaia’ – The perfect channel for Grounding

We all have those days when we get clumsy...drop things... getting lost in our thoughts. We also often miss the road we have to take and struggle to get tasks accomplished. All these signs indicate that we are not grounded. Illnesses do not come upon us out of the...

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