How often does it happen that your heart takes a double flip when you hear the words
stones, crystals or  rocks?
Does this person sound like you? If yes, then the world we are about to introduce you to in just a few moments… will be the best thing that happened to you today!

There is so much information available on Crystals over the internet, you might always be in a dilemma – What to believe? Who to believe? What is the best choice for me?

And so many other buzzing questions that are seldom answered! Has it happened to you and you have stopped looking for answers, waiting for them to come at the right time?
Or perhaps, you have just been introduced to crystals, or you have recently begun your mystical journey with crystals and want to learn more about it in a scientific manner, which is also power-packed with all the esoteric information and practical application in day to day life?
Well, your answer is here and the right time is NOW!

Pari Patri and Radhika Mehrotra are co-creating the perfect Crystal Course for you that will not only align you to your path, it will also help you see yourself as an extremely successful individual and an abundance magnet!

Introducing the

Certified Quantum Crystal Practitioner Program™

from the Conscious Creators Academy by Pari and Radhika.

Just visualise how it will feel…

To learn about crystals in a scientific manner that will give a boost to your crystal healing journey!

To be extremely confident in your Crystal Knowledge!

To be trained in a simple yet profound manner. It will enable you to share your knowledge wherever and whenever you like!

To have a conscious community of co-travellers equally enthusiastic as you, always supporting you on your journey to a new YOU!

To learn many different modalities and many spiritual tools, that no Crystal Practitioner Enabler has ever taught before!


Certified Quantum Crystal Practitioner Program™

the curriculum is structured in a way that enables students to take their learning to next level. This IPHM accredited course will certify you as

Certified Practioner Therapist

 We are excited to announce that our next batch of Quantum Crystal Practitioner Program™ is in March 13, 2024.

It does not matter where you are in your crystal journey – the Quantum Crystal Practitioner™ Course is for anyone and everyone willing to understand Crystals with a new perspective! One that was not available before! This course will enable you to understand the science and be confident on your crystal journey!

When: March 13, 2024; 6PM PST / 9PM EST
Where: Online
Conscious Enablers: Pari Patri and Radhika Mehrotra
Certification Level: Therapist Advanced

Join us for the Fourth BATCH in March 2024

You will enjoy many benefits to cherish for a lifetime! Exclusive offers, Support Group, Private sessions with Pari and Radhika and much more…

Master the Science and Magick of Crystals and Related Modalities

  • Core Foundation before you delve into the vast ocean of Crystals.
  • Our course is backed with science and metaphysics of not just Crystals but other modalities.
  • Vast Curriculum and advanced tools.
  • Vast application of Crystals in day-to-day life.
  • Sacred Circle of Conscious Men, Women, They, Them.
  • Dedicated Enablers, holding accountability for all they teach.
  • Internationally Accredited Curriculum and skilled enablers with approved teaching status by renowned professionals.
  • Accredited through IPHM – International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine
Pari Patri

“I don’t remember when I first met you virtually, I still thank God it happened. Your energies, your Aura radiates warmth, which makes people around you very comfortable and trusting. They become aware that the space you provide is safe, non-judgemental, therapeutic and healing. The way you bring Science and spiritual knowledge together, by creating a bridge is amazing.”

— Madhulika

Who is this course for?

We are consciously aware that the amount of knowledge packed in this course, and the approach we have for enabling people might not resonate with many. However, we are also aware that everything Pari and Radhika co-create together has magick and power!

If you are…

a seeker of all things crystals and you are called to work with them
someone who feels a higher calling to work with crystals
someone who owns a crystal shop or you’re in the crystal business
looking to start your own business or you are a Crystal Therapist or a Teacher
an Energy Healer, Alternative Holistic Practitioner or you work with animals

This course is for you!

Certified Quantum Crystal Practitioner Program™

Prices are in USD. For pricing in INR, kindly contact us: support@paripatri.com

Still unsure?

We’re here to answer all your questions and put all your fears to rest. Reach out to us here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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