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Some of the topics I’ll cover⋯

I will use my own story to talk about the topics below, delivered in a very informal, funny way.

Meditation 101

In this I will share the basics and benefits of meditation. We will cover how meditation can boost your performance and bring balance into your life. We will also have a 10 minute guided meditation session.


How to Manifest Fearlessly!

I will share my own story of how I went to rock bottom and gave my power away. I will talk about the ultimate secrets for manifestation and how to overcome that ‘stuck’ moment.


Pyramids and Crystals

I will explain how pyramids can support your manifestation and how crystals can benefit your meditation practices. I will discuss the science of how it all works, how you can find the benefits in your daily life, and some interesting facts that will absolutely blow your mind!


Spirituality for Corporate Women

As a powerful woman with a busy life, it can feel like there isn’t enough time in the day for any kind of spiritual practice. Here I will share realistic techniques, tips, and insights on how you can feel grounded, balanced, and fearless while taking the time for yourself.


Consciousness In Vitro

As a woman who has been through the IVF process, I know how scary and difficult it is. Here I will share my own story and some tools to help you face this difficult time with courage and fearlessness.

Working in the city?

Here’s my top 5 techniques to fight stress.

I’m an executive spiritual empowerment coach and meditation teacher.

I’ve been teaching meditation for over 30 years after being trained by some of the top spiritual leaders in India and have gone on to help thousands of people.

I’ve been recognized as one of the Top 20 Global Women of Excellence by U.S Congressman Danny K. Davis for the Annual International Women’s Day in 2019. I teach meditation to organizations around the US.

I learned meditation at 2 years old and started teaching adults at 5 years old. I grew up in a highly spiritual family in India. I am the daughter of Subhash Patri, founder of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement in India and teacher of millions around the world.

My meditation background combined with over 12 years in the corporate world means that I understand how to use meditation as a tool to support high-performance teams like yours.

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