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Hi I'm Pari
Hi I'm Pari

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You’re a smart, thoughtful, highly qualified and ambitious woman working on leading the way in your industry.

You’re kicking goals in your professional life.

But your heart, your soul, your self-care, your relationships… You’ve sort of forgotten what those things are in the process. You got the ‘successful’ life on paper, so confused as to why it doesn‘t feel as fulfilling as you thought it would. Most days you just feel numb. You feel like a shell of a person. A 24/7 working machine. A schedule stuffer. A ‘get shit done’ woman.

When was the last time you felt alive?

How I can help you

Online courses

Online Courses

Start with my Pyramid Mastery Course and unlock the full potential of working with pyramids in just 6 weeks!

1-1 Coaching

1-1 Coaching

Unlock a brand new way of doing and being in the world with my Life-changing Power of Self-Prioritization program.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Join my Conscious Leader’s Bootcamp to up-level your confidence and live an authentic life, unapologetically.



Discover the Resilience Advantage Experience – skills for Personal and Professional Effectiveness.



Join the Sacred Goddess Tribe of Mystical Moon Sisters for a week that will change your life.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Contact me would like to feature me on your Podcast, Blog, Q&A Panel or Event.

Introducing the…
Sacred Goddess Retreat

DEC 13– Dec 18, 2022

The Mystical Moon Sisters have designed the perfect awakening just for you.

Upcoming Events

Certified Quantum Crystal Practitioner Course

We are excited to announce that we are launching the Quantum Crystal Practitioner™️ Course in August 2021.

When: Feb 2023

Where: Online

Conscious Enablers: Pari Patri and Radhika Mehrotra

Certification Level: Certified Therapist

This will be a life-changing journey for all those who are into healing or feel drawn to the mysteries of Earth.
This course is a power-packed balance of science and esoteric knowledge.

Florida! Don’t Miss “The Ocean-Like Mind: Meditation for Floridians”

Join PSSM Global co-founder and award winning executive spiritual empowerment coach, Pari Patri for guidance on how to connect to your deepest, most spacious Ocean-Like Mind. Align with the natural flow of life for greater ease, clarity and resilience.

September 23-25, 2022


I was born into a highly spiritual family with my father going onto founding the pyramid society of India. I was taught meditation from the age of 2 and started teaching adults meditation from the age of 5. So I grew up deeply connected to my own spirituality and inner peace and wisdom. You would think that background would stay with me, but you would be surprised how outside influences can shift the way you live your life profoundly. May be you can relate.


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3 Powerful Tips: How To Take Your Power Back

3 Powerful Tips: How To Take Your Power Back

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5 Reasons to Introduce Meditation to the Workplace

5 Reasons to Introduce Meditation to the Workplace

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“Pari guided me to see my own inner light and overcome my fears and self limiting beliefs.

She really released the emotional blocks that I had, allowing me to feel more confident to move forward. Her genuine and loving way of working is simple, straightforward, honest and soul moving. Not only is she focused, accurate and powerful in her work, she is genuinely devoted to her clients’ well being and life journeys.”

— Marlen Squires, Maryland

“It was a pleasure connecting with Pari Patri

Her dedication, sincerity and commitment is evident in her work. The way of her connecting life issues to spirituality is her strength. I have experienced very powerful meditations with her.”

— Bharti Mathur

“I always feel lighter and more balanced after connecting with these women.

I first found this tribe of sisters not really knowing what it would be. I received an email invite from a mailing list after hearing a speaker in person well over a year ago. Thinking that I should probably add in an element of meditation in my life, I started attending. The connection to the earth, to each other, and to spirit was much more than anticipated. I have pursued my own healing in many facets, but realized I had been missing the spiritual component as part of this. During the pandemic, it became even more difficult to connect to others in the ways that came so easily before. I have a different cultural background than most of the other women in the tribe – but it doesn’t seem to matter. I know that I am fully accepted, that my worries and joys and journey are all held and valued, and I always feel lighter and more balanced after connecting with these women. Pari and Radhika are intuitive, thoughtful, and connected to the universe in helpful ways and I am so glad they share this gift with others. I love knowing that every other week I have a place to go – almost always in my pajamas with undone hair – that will help me hold what is too big for me to carry alone and to learn deeply from others sharing their own journeys as well. I am ever thankful that I found this healing collective!”
— Tiffany Jhonson

“Thank you so much 🙏🏻

I got introduced to Pari ma’am through her Thursday meditation sessions. Those session were full of energies. Ma’am is very helpful she is very patience in answering everyone with so much zeal and enthusiasm. She has encouraged me to meditate more and I had wonderful experiences throughout those sessions . Ma’am has encouraged me to be positive about life and gave very valuable tips that made me feel very good about myself. Ma’am had suggested many useful things; be it about books, music to meditate upon and people to look for. Through ma’am I have learned how to ground the energies. She is very down to earth and listens to everyone one with so much curiosity and tries to help each and everyone. I would 100% recommend everyone to join these sessions with Pari ma’am. If you are new to meditation or an advanced meditator it’s great for both. My heart felt gratitude to you ma’am for starting such wonderful sessions for everyone to experience the essence of your energies, which are very beautiful – just like you.”
— Keerthi, NJ

“My perspective towards life's challenges changed completely.

Pari made me notice all my hidden and unidentified fear and pain and address it. Pari’s sessions gave me the capability to find love and light within me; with the help of which, I can now look at my self and find guidance in my soul. She is not just any healer. She is a wonderful Spiritual Coach, who motivates and transforms us into self healer.
— Ratna Lingamaneni, NJ

“I am so happy to have known you and to have you in my life.

I don’t remember when I first met you virtually. I still thank God it happened. Your energies, your Aura radiates warmth, which makes people around you very comfortable and trusting. They become aware that the space you provide is safe, non judgemental, therapeutic and healing. The way you bring Science and spiritual knowledge together, by creating a bridge is amazing. Few of your courses, which I attended (some free and some with energy exchange) made me realize that, irrespective of energy exchange, you always give your best. I am so happy to have known you and to have you in my life. I wish you all the very best in all your endeavors. RISE AND SHINE GIRL, RISE AND SHINE.
Loads and loads of Love and Sun shine your way.”
—Madhulika ❤❤❤❤❤

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