Sacred Goddess Tribe of Mystical Moon Sisters
Dear Soul Sisters,

Welcome to the Sacred Goddess Tribe of
Mystical Moon Sisters!

Our Tribe is not merely about the sisters gathering from across the globe, but how we are creating a haven for all women who decided to show up for themselves — unabashed and unapologetic. Courageous brave women with a heart of gold and self-love that is priceless!


Sacred Goddess Tribe
of Mystical Moon Sisters

will be your home for 2024,

This will be your space to unleash your ‘Inner Diva’, the ‘She Wolf’, one who is calling you to channel her and accept that she is YOU!

All our lives, we are running in circles, trying to break patterns which is not even ours to carry… we hardly know who to turn to when we feel immense pain… the wounds that we are unable to nurse and the hurt we carry like a heavy bed of rocks.

See the calendar below to get the dates for our next gathering.

Full Moon

Our Next Gathering

January 11, 2024


Pari and Radhika are here to help you evolve into your sacred self.

To own your ‘Divine Feminine’.

This is your time to ReWire, ReWild and ReEmerge as the powerful Goddess YOU are!

The New Moon rising in Capricorn on January 11, 2024 is here to usher some fresh energies, while we might still feel some wisps of 2024!

On the astrological side of events Pluto has been housed in Capricorn for the past 16 years now, as it entered the Earth Sign in the year 2008! While Pluto is the sign of the underworld, it implored us to look deep in our Underworld as well!

As this is the last Capricorn New Moon with Pluto in Capricorn, it is all about the rebirth that follows this transformation we have been moving through all these years. This is going to be one last intense process of shedding those layers!

This New Moon is all about seeking truth, so all will come to the fore! It will allow us to see things as they are…

Pari is inviting you to explore the depth of this truth and rebirthing a conscious you, while also paying homage to the old.

Let us honour together the road you’ve travelled… the oath you have chosen… the decisions you’ve made and how far you’ve come on this journey!

An intense process of internalising the rebirth while honouring the past and shedding all those layers off!

Where: ZOOM
When: 11th January 2024
EE: $ 11.11 | INR 911/-





Sacred Goddess Tribe

Our Next Gathering

January 11, 2024

06:00 PM PST | 09:00 PM EST

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Watch your email for your registration link before our next gathering.

This is your opportunity to let go, to fly and to give yourself a big hug!

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