Bonus! Money Manifestation and Crystals

Money is not a bane but a boon, only if we remember to RESPECT it the way it deserves! Pari takes us on a journey of ‘The Art of Money Manifestation’ in this breakthrough workshop. This is your portal to get the right Money Mindset and Crystals to help you...
Mega Bonus — Hands-on Energy Healing Therapy with Crystals

Module 10 — Becoming a Confident Crystal Practitioner

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, this module will help you with understanding the foundation of setting up your sacred business and how to always excel in it! Watch the video below! Resource — Waiver Form for Clients CLICK HERE!  ...
Module 9 — Sacred Therapy & Body Layouts

Module 9 — Sacred Therapy & Body Layouts

As a final step of this learning, you will be introduced to the protocols and healing techniques as a crystal practitioner. Different body layout techniques will be shared. Understanding how distance healing works and some layouts will be shared. We take this work...
Module 9 — Sacred Therapy & Body Layouts

Module 8 — Tools & Application of Crystals (CET)

As a practitioner, you will learn how to create/utilise different energy tools including crystals. Here you will be introduced to the concept of pyramids as well. You will explore vibrational layering and integrating crystals with other healing modalities. Watch the...
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