Secrets to Mastering Financial Freedom

The Art of Living Abundantly

What if you could reprogram your subconsciousness to continually work FOR you?

What if your default mode utilized your infinite potential – for a life that was more abundant and fulfilling?

The time for a paradigm shift is NOW. Learn from the entrepreneurs and conscious creators who have walked this path before you. It’s time to create a life and business that nourishes you, spiritually and financially.

The Objective of this Course

Reprogram your subconscious mind and step into the new paradigm.

This course has been created keeping in mind the effects of reprogramming the subconscious mind and reaping its benefits to the fullest. In our day-to-day lives, we do not use our minds to their optimum utility and if we were to dive deeper into this aspect, we would be amazed to know what we were really capable of. Now, do not confuse this with the ‘using only 10% of the brain’ nuisance – it is scientifically proven to be wrong, however, the mind is a different ball game altogether!

Embrace the freedom of working for yourself and living in alignment with your destiny.

With the great shift, the ripples of which are felt across the globe, it has become very important to understand the right path to achieve your goals. This paradigm shift is not to be taken lightly. With almost 60 percent of the population awakening to the new reality and almost everyone starting their own businesses/becoming their own boss, it is highly recommended to have a foolproof plan and learn from the best possible people who can help you with getting exactly what you need!

Live life by design, not by accident.

Magnetmind is Your Door to Success. Your first step to creating a life by design and not by luck, reinventing your mind and finally, if you have the zeal, then a successful business (and also amping up your sales by $10K!).

You’re ready to take the first step on the path you were meant to follow.

The question is…

do you believe it?

Say YES to financial freedom by registering TODAY.

Who is this for?

Secrets to Mastering Financial Freedom is for any woman who has ever felt she is worth MORE.

Now is the time to find your voice and step into the power that’s been lying dormant within you.

Rewire your mindset and take your career to the next level under the guidance of the successful, brave women who are living as you too, were meant to.

You’re a woman who is trying to find her voice.
You are more than ready to fly and take that leap of faith! You are looking for the right opportunity and people to show you the path you were always meant to follow!

We are calling housemakers, corporate leaders, business owners, healers, teachers or whoever you are, seeking possibilities to find your voice and your wings, as you completely turn your life 360-degree.

Let go of self-doubt and uncertainty – and the deepest most unconscious level.
You might feel accomplished but you’ve been feeling stuck and stagnant in life for some time now and you don’t know why!

Self-care, boundaries and balance aren’t in your vocabulary (but you desperately wish they were!). Life feels exhausting sometimes. Everyone around you thinks you’re so confident sure of yourself and can handle anything. Inside you are constantly battling with self-doubt and uncertainty.

Or perhaps, you have been meaning to find your spine and it has been a constant failure because you feel a lack of support from within and people around you.

Express your boldest, most wild and authentic truth – without apology.
Magnetmind is for all bold, wild and authentic women prepared to rewire their mindset and also ready to take their careers to the next level, or want the tools to begin one… this program is designed for you, from scratch by people who built themselves from the grassroots level!

You already know what you want and need.

Are you willing to step forward and take action?

Say YES to living in alignment with your most authentic self by registering TODAY.

What to expect

Receive 9 weeks of Magnet Mind Training – because change doesn’t happen overnight.

Receive direct, LIVE transmissions from your guides, abundant resources and the support of a conscious community.

Pari and Radhika are entrepreneurs and energy workers who walk the talk. Their commitment to sharing their success with others has inspired them to design this comprehensive program, exclusively for women.

In this 9-week program, you will learn to completely become self-reliant and resilient. Not only will you be trained to tackle any challenging situation, but you will also be quick in decision-making abilities and run your life like a pro!

Here’s what you will get in these nine weeks with us…

LIVE Online Sessions
Exhaustive Resource Materials
Conscious Magnetmind Cohort Community
Certification of Completion
Bonus Classes
A Short Movie
Access to Personal Practices of Pari and Radhika

TWO unique programs are available, to meet you exactly where you’re at.

Act now, and take advantage of this special, limited-time offer for our PRO Mindset Training.

Over 4 weeks, you’ll receive the foundational teachings you need to STOP leaking energy, clear away limiting belief systems and move forward in life with your heart, not your thoughts, paving the way.

Pro: Magnetmind Mindset Training

Module1: Magnetmind Mindset Training

  1. Setting the Foundation – Mindset Training
  2. Create a Blueprint of Goals and Success
  3. Reset Your Brain and Stop Energy Leaks
  4. Living Abundantly – Mindset Training 2

Module2: Conscious Spiritual Toolkit

  1. Energy Basics
  2. Intention Setting
  3. Creating Sacred Space
  4. Sacred Business Geometry: Pyramid
  5. Crystal 101 — Abundance Tools

Module 3: Conscious Creator – Rewiring Vibrational Energy

  1. Living Like a Conscious Creator
  2. Guided Meditation to Step Up in Life
  3. Releasing the Blocks
  4. Vibrational Layering for Conscious Business
  5. Your Spiritual Toolkit for Successful Conscious Business

Module 4: Rewire Your Heart (HeartMath Training)

  1. Heart is the New Brain
  2. Energy Leaks and Drains – Advanced
  3. Heart Breathing Technique
  4. Complete Heart Reset

When you’re ready to apply this new mindset to your business, the

Business Training Program

is ready for you.

Go beyond theory and learn practical tools that will get your business up and running or EXPANDING the very next day.

Abandon old ways of thinking and make a LIFE – not just a living. Thrive with a conscious business that supports your innermost values and heart-centered wishes. Create the world you wish to live in.

Business: Magnetmind Business Training

Module5: Successful Business Basics

  1. Automated Marketing Basics – An Overview
  2. Leadpage Templates
  3. Canva Training 101 – PDF/Creatives and More
  4. Email Series and Integration

Module 6: Up your Sales Attraction System

  1. Live Big. Think Big – Setting Foundation
  2. Creating About Page
  3. Understanding the Booking system – Calendly/Acuity/Appointy
  4. Going Economical – Hire Tech Support on Fiverr or Upwork
  5. A to Z of Setting up Your Conscious Business
  6. Understanding Branding
  7. Creating a Successful Coaching Program and Pricing

Module 7: Foolproof Sales Scripts and Everything Else

  1. Sales Scripts Training and Handling Tough Calls
  2. Don’ts for a Sales Call
  3. How To be a Mind Reader and Save Energy on Fake/Query Calls
  4. Best Practices for Onboarding – Client, Payments and Everything in-between

Module 8: Conscious Social Media and Live Streaming Hacks 101

  1. Understanding Instagram and Facebook
  2. Understanding The Target Audience
  3. Step by Step FB & Instagram Run
  4. How to Set up an Official/Business Instagram Page
  5. How to Create an Official/Business Facebook Page
  6. Facebook Groups, Ads and Monetization
  7. Debunking Algorithm Myths

Module 9: Create Extreme Abundance with Magnetmind

  1. Magnetmind Leader – Own Your Power
  2. Creating your Conscious Magnetmind Model
  3. Next Steps
Women are telling us that now, more than ever, they need community, support and mentorship.
Secrets to Mastering Financial Freedom is a 9 week program, including hours of priceless support and wisdom, energetic practice guides and practical business tools. What’s more, complete the full 9 weeks and you’ll find yourself transforming from a learner to a leader.

We know what we’re worth and we know YOU are worth this investment. Do you agree?

Say YES to claiming your true worth by registering TODAY.

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