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Leadership Masterclass -3 With Pari Patri

Fear is a Bottomless Pit! Don’t Fall into the trap

April 21

9.30 AM – 10.30 AM Los Angeles

10.00 PM – 11.00 PM New Delhi

Masterclass 4 – Fear is a Bottomless Pit! Don’t Fall Into the Trap

Join us on Sunday, April 21st at 9:30 AM for our transformative fourth masterclass, “Fear is a Bottomless Pit! Don’t Fall Into the Trap.” Dive deep into understanding how fear can constrict your potential and distort your perception of reality. In this session, we will explore the true nature of fear — not as a barrier, but as a gateway to immense personal growth and success.

Fear often makes us feel smaller, confined to the limits of our own minds. Yet, you are worth infinitely more— a cosmic creator destined for greatness. This masterclass will empower you to see so-called failures not as the end, but as pivotal moments of success in disguise.v

Prepare to challenge your perspectives, unlock your true value, and transform fear from a daunting shadow into a powerful ally. Let’s break the chains of fear together and embrace the full magnitude of our potential.

When: Sunday, April 21st at 9:30 AM
Where: ZOOM

Don’t miss this opportunity to change how you interact with fear and to redefine what success means to you. Tap into your cosmic worth and rise above. Join us for a session that promises to be as enlightening as it is empowering.




Apr 21 2024


Los Angeles Time
9:30 am - 10:30 am

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