My All Time Favourite Mindset Shift To Activate Confidence

One of the most common questions I always get when I’m working with coaches/executives/ entrepreneurs/teachers/mentors are ‘how to boost my confidence’, ‘how to stay confident’ and ‘how to show up as a conscious leader’?

We live in a world where there is extreme competition around us. Anywhere you look, it is just the same. Whether it is in your corporate job, where you are working towards a promotion or working as an entrepreneur, cut-throat competition exists everywhere!

Back in my corporate days, I always felt that I needed to compete with my colleagues, compete with men around me… so that I am seen, my voice is heard and my work is visible. And to achieve that I would work relentlessly… on the weekends, on holiday, I would work extra hours just so that people could see me working and value how much effort I was putting in, getting me the due credit later.

Was it worth it? My answer is a big NO!

Now, being an entrepreneur is no different. There is still competition around! There will always be people with great products and service offers and they would be probably into the same thing as you… there might be a constant struggle in showing the world how you are different! Trust me, I did go through these emotions and would wonder, how am I different from any other ‘Life Coaches’, or other mentors, or spiritual teachers… and it felt like a neverending rollercoaster…

Whilst people believe that some form of struggle always makes you a great learner and enables you to come out stronger from it all…. This constant struggle of finding my own identity amid the ocean of people only exhausted me. I became a little insecure and it never got me the results that I was looking for.

When I started being a coach and established my business, the questions that I had were…

1. What would I bring to the table that was already not there?
2. What would I teach people that weren’t already taught?
3. Who would listen to me?
4. I am not Deepak Chopra… Do I have a chance of success?

And there were moments where I thought that this might not work and I should go back to my 8” to 5” job… but I was so fed up with that routine job, I had this hunch that I cannot survive it in a healthy manner anymore, moreover, my Soul was crying, almost demanding that I needed to do something different, that I needed to get out of the corporate rat-race and create a life that honoured my true purpose.

So, I finally quit my job and decided to invest in myself to create the life that I truly wanted and no longer be invested in a life that made me miserable inside.

I wasn’t compromising or settling for less anymore! And the only thing that kept me going was my deep inner calling to serve.

But I also wanted to be financially free. I needed to create a life that supported me and my family… where I did not feel that I was a burden or being dependent on my partner.

So I did the one thing that many forget to do.I told myself,

The only aspect that makes me different from everybody else around me is my own identity… what makes me different is that I am Pari and no one else can be me.”




Yes, this might sound so ‘101’ but the only thing that I told myself and I kept repeating every single day, every single moment to install that confidence was-

’I believe in myself’ and ‘I am worthy’!


These were the very words I constantly programmed in myself to boost my self-worth, which we often take for granted. And I thought about everything from a bigger perspective…



Yes, there are and there will always be people who can teach what I teach, whether it is about Law of attraction, or manifesting or reprogramming the subconscious mind, or crystal therapy, or pyramids, or the science of coherence. There would be many who probably have been practicing for many years and had expertise far greater than me, but there is

There’s no one who can share my story    and experience, they don’t have my ‘Magic’ and that makes me different!

My Superpower is ‘being myself’, so the only thing that I have to do is to be authentic. Now, at any given time I face any challenges, I find myself going deeper to my roots and getting myself my confidence booster shot! Trust me ladies (and gentlemen), it works wonder every time!

When we start understanding the science behind ‘Coherence’ we get to know that the constant comparison, judging, anxiety, fear and other overwhelming negative emotions deplete our energy reserves; and actually makes us STUPID! We are no longer able to make intelligent decisions or have creative ideas.

So staying in this mode not only affects our confidence but keeps us in the fear zone, we end up making decisions from a fear-based perspective and not our ‘Heart Center’. The key is to be clear of your goals, understand that you are unique… there is no one like you.

So the key to confidence is always remembering that you are the powerful creator and

you absolutely




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