The science behind ‘Pyramids’

The Science Behind Pyramids



All the ancient civilizations, from the Pyramids of Giza to the towering Aztec and Mayan Pyramids of Central America have been using Pyramids for centuries.

The shape of the pyramid, which is a tetrahedron is considered as sacred geometry in the Universe. This shape is used to harness infinite source of energy as it creates a torsion field that generates high frequencies which amplify vibrational healing.

Extensive experiments have been conducted inside man-made pyramids. “Bovis” made a to-scale model of the Cheops Pyramid and placed it, like the original with the baselines aligned north-south and east-west. Inside the model, one-third of the way up, he placed a dead cat, it became mummified and thus, he concluded that the pyramid promoted rapid dehydration. Reports of this discovery attracted “Karl Drbal”, a radio engineer in Prague, who repeated similar experiments.

From then on, thousands of people had enhanced experiences when meditating beneath Pyramids, as its scientific properties focus harmonious energies while deflecting distracting ones. People have reported deeper relaxation, an enhanced sense of well-being and increased levels of awareness while meditating inside a Pyramid. They also experienced strong spiritual and psychic impressions like clarity in dreams, visions and increased memory recall. Changes in the meditator’s aura have been noted with Kirlian photography with auras becoming brighter and larger.

Experiments have shown copper to be the best metal for an open-frame meditation pyramid due to its natural electronic and bio-enhancing properties. However, pyramid structures of cardboard, wood or bamboo are also effective, if built to the same proportional dimensions as the “Great Pyramid” at Giza, in Egypt.

The sacred geometry behind a Pyramid is Nature’s gift to mankind. Other than spiritual benefits, pyramids are known to purify water, dehydrate food and flowers (thereby preserving them), promote healing of physical body from pain and injury and restore lustre to jewellery.

It is highly recommended to sit beneath a pyramid to improve one’s meditative experiences and to connect to one’s own Higher Self.


Patrick, G (2017) “Pyramid Power- The Science of Cosmic Energy.

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