Crystals – Tools for Manifestation

Today we have tools for everything in the material world .. starting with counting numbers to making complex programs. We are living in an age of instant manifestation and gratification.

But, when it comes to our spiritual journey, we are so far behind in understanding and using the tools that support us in healing, meditation and ascension.

We have the technology of sacred geometry .. crystals .. tarot cards .. pyramids .. and so on.

“Ancient Atlantis Civilization utilized crystalline technologies to a degree that surpassed even present–day scientific applications ” (Gerber, 2001, p. 23).

The Ancients have always worked with crystals as tools for healing, meditation, channelling etc.

Crystals have a very specific vibratory rate which is very precise and stable because of its fixed geometric crystalline structure. They transmute energy that changes one form of energy into other forms. Energy in general is neutral.

“ Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you will get that reality. This is not philosophy, this is metaphysics ” (Einstein).

When we say “ You create your own reality ” basically it means it is our perceptions that create all our realities. How we perceive energy makes the energy negative or positive.

When crystals are brought into our electro- magnetic field .. ‘Aura’.. our frequencies get entrained and they start resonating with the ‘crystals’ frequency. Because of this resonance, our energies are transmuted and our perception filters are programmed to perceive in ways we intend to.

To work with Crystals there are certain steps that we need to follow:

1. Retuning/cleansing –
Cleansing or Retuning can be done in many ways like -with ocean water/running water .. by soaking in sea salt .. soaking in brown boiled rice .. sage smudge .. high amplitude sound with crystal bowls and tuning forks .. with intention and visualization.

2. Charging – Generally crystals are already charged and ready to go. However, we can also charge them with Moon, Sun and pyramid energies.

3. Programming- One has to decide on an intention for the crystal to support one’s objective. This is done by just saying an affirmation out loud or writing it on a paper and reading it, thereby giving a direction to the energy.

For example: to manifest your thought .. hold a Citrine Crystal in your hand and say

“I manifest all that I need with ease..”
it can be as simple as that.

To achieve greater results, read the affirmation at least twice a day and meditate with that thought for at least 5-10 minutes. Crystals are tools for manifestations, that support more intensive spiritual lifestyle.

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