Five Simple Steps to Strengthen Intuition: An Essential Tool for Success

Clients who come to me for help with stressful situations at work frequently have trouble making decisions. They experience stress over day to day workplace decisions, decisions about the future of their careers, and also their home life. Should I look for a new job or stay? Should I move my family to a new city for my career? Should I say something to my boss about a coworker’s performance?

Knowing which path to take can be stressful. We get caught up in which choice is “right” and which one is “wrong.” We find ourselves paralyzed within a cycle of rumination, trapped in our heads. And yet, our best decision maker isn’t our head at all, it’s our heart. Developing a heart based intuition allows us to make the best decision, every time. The heart knows what the mind doesn’t. It’s up to us to learn how to listen.

Intuition, or the heart mind, is a muscle that must be trained and developed. Meditation techniques like Heart Math® can help. Learn more about the mind within your heart, and how to access its wisdom for guaranteed success.

Heart Mind

Eastern traditions have long believed in a sixth sense, that of intuition. Known as the heart mind, intuition, or a gut feeling, accessing this sixth sense requires us to be in touch with sensations within our bodies, not just the thoughts and emotions in our heads.

While in the west, we think of the heart as little more than a pump for the circulatory system, eastern traditions have historically attributed much more to the body’s energy center. The heart is a source of wisdom, insight, and spiritual connection. Science is indeed beginning to understand that signals between the heart and the brain move in both directions.

The rhythm of our heart reflects our inner state of being. By learning to listen to this rhythm through Heart Math techniques, we can tap into the wisdom of the body, not the ego-driven thoughts of the brain, for the answer to life’s questions.

The following five step process will get you started on the path to developing a more trusted sense of intuition.

1.   Body Awareness

When faced with stress, indecision, or overwhelming emotions, pause what you’re doing. Take ten breaths to focus energy away from your head and back to your heart. As you breathe, bring awareness to the breath itself, physical sensations in your body, and specifically, your heart.

2.   Slow Down

Slow down your breathing to cue the parasympathetic nervous system to do the same. By spending more time on the exhale breath versus the inhale breath, you signal your body that you are safe and it’s ok to calm down.

3.   Conjure Gratitude

Open your heart to get in touch with what your heart is saying. The best way to do this is to conjure up gratitude. Silently name three things in this one moment that you’re thankful for. There’s always something to be grateful for. Your breath and your heartbeat could be two of the three on this list.

4.   Ask for Guidance

Once you’ve established a connection to the body, a sense of safety, and open heartedness, it’s time to ask your sixth sense for advice. Keep your one single question brief and concise.

5.   Listen for the Answer

Remain open and aware of bodily sensations as you listen for the answer. Remember, the answer is not going to come from your head. The brain is the seat of the ego. In this exercise, we’re learning to listen to the heart. The body knows what the mind often doesn’t.

You might experience the answer as a physical sensation, temperature, color, or visualization.

No answers could feel like tightness in the body, a sense of closing off, cold temperatures, or uncomfortable sensations in the belly.

Yes answers might feel like a release of weight off the shoulders, a wave of softness, ease in the body, warm temperatures, or a sense of greater opening.

The more you practice the above five steps, the more you’ll develop the muscle of intuition. While the technique outlined here is a good first step, the technology of Heart Math takes the practice further. By working with a certified Heart Math instructor, you’ll learn it’s possible to remain in this open hearted state of being, attuned to your intuition all the time.

To learn how to work with your intuition and the wisdom of your body’s energy center, the heart, schedule a consultation today.




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