‘Gaia’ – The perfect channel for Grounding

‘Gaia’ – The perfect channel for Grounding


We all have those days when we get clumsy…drop things… getting lost in our thoughts. We also often miss the road we have to take and struggle to get tasks accomplished. All these signs indicate that we are not grounded.

Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear.

“ Grounding ” means being present .. being in the NOW ..  being connected to our roots and Mother Earth. It makes us feel balanced, protected and secure.

It is the most important practice that helps us experience life by living in the moment and to become a conscious co-creator. This practice can be done anytime we feel disconnected ..  unable to focus .. exhausted .. and when connecting to Higher Self.

We come into this physical three-dimensional world to experience human life. Our energy body/etheric body is connected to Gaia by a grounding (or etheric) cord. This cord can be visualized as a pipe connected from the root (or feet) chakra going all the way into the core of the Earth, which acts as a two-way channel to send and receive energy.

We are designed to send the toxic energy into the earth, receive pure and charged energy back from Mother earth. However, due to our disconnected lives, we tend to clog these pipes and thus, block the energy flow.

These blocks are the root causes of all our problems and therefore we experience exhaustion .. fatigue .. lack of abundance.. and thus, feel stuck. Hippocrates, father of medicine quoted that, “Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear”. So, being grounded is very essential for a healthy and happy life.


Crystals are my go-to tools for grounding exercises.

Here are my 3 favorite Must-Have Crystals !!!



“Here is my favorite grounding meditation technique:

This can be done literally anywhere. In your car, before a meeting you go, at a party or any stressful event.

  • Sit comfortably on the floor or if you are sitting in a chair both feet must touch the ground. You can even just stand.
  • Straighten your back, close your eyes and bring your awareness to the breath. (while doing this you can even hold a crystal in your hand if you wish)
  • Visualize yourself as a big strong tree with strong roots.
  • Visualize your roots going down deep into the core of the earth.
  • See them going through the layers of rock, oceans, deep within Gaia and wrap around the huge iron core.
  • Now with your intention when you exhale send all the toxic energies, any pain, confusion from your body into the earth and when you inhale receive pure life force from mother earth.




Do this exercise for a minimum of 7 breaths. You will immediately feel the difference.
You can do this anytime you feel disconnected or just to bring your awareness back to this moment when you feel scattered.

Mother Earth is the greatest healer of all. “Earthing” is the process of being in contact with Earth directly which gives a powerful experience in balancing the flow of energy and this can be achieved by walking barefoot, living in contact with Earth’s natural surface charge or meditating on the Earth’s surface.

Ober, C & Chevalier, G. (2015). Grounding the human body, The Healing Benefits of Earthing



The science behind ‘Pyramids’

The science behind ‘Pyramids’

The Science Behind Pyramids



All the ancient civilizations, from the Pyramids of Giza to the towering Aztec and Mayan Pyramids of Central America have been using Pyramids for centuries.

The shape of the pyramid, which is a tetrahedron is considered as sacred geometry in the Universe. This shape is used to harness infinite source of energy as it creates a torsion field that generates high frequencies which amplify vibrational healing.

Extensive experiments have been conducted inside man-made pyramids. “Bovis” made a to-scale model of the Cheops Pyramid and placed it, like the original with the baselines aligned north-south and east-west. Inside the model, one-third of the way up, he placed a dead cat, it became mummified and thus, he concluded that the pyramid promoted rapid dehydration. Reports of this discovery attracted “Karl Drbal”, a radio engineer in Prague, who repeated similar experiments.

From then on, thousands of people had enhanced experiences when meditating beneath Pyramids, as its scientific properties focus harmonious energies while deflecting distracting ones. People have reported deeper relaxation, an enhanced sense of well-being and increased levels of awareness while meditating inside a Pyramid. They also experienced strong spiritual and psychic impressions like clarity in dreams, visions and increased memory recall. Changes in the meditator’s aura have been noted with Kirlian photography with auras becoming brighter and larger.

Experiments have shown copper to be the best metal for an open-frame meditation pyramid due to its natural electronic and bio-enhancing properties. However, pyramid structures of cardboard, wood or bamboo are also effective, if built to the same proportional dimensions as the “Great Pyramid” at Giza, in Egypt.

The sacred geometry behind a Pyramid is Nature’s gift to mankind. Other than spiritual benefits, pyramids are known to purify water, dehydrate food and flowers (thereby preserving them), promote healing of physical body from pain and injury and restore lustre to jewellery.

It is highly recommended to sit beneath a pyramid to improve one’s meditative experiences and to connect to one’s own Higher Self.


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